2nd March 2018 until 13th May 2018

‘Roaring waves, howling winds, driving rain; the seas around Scotland’s coasts can be a dangerous place. For as long as we’ve travelled along Scotland’s 6000 miles of coastline and its ninety inhabited islands, people have striven to make sure that they and their precious cargo arrive safely at their destination.

S.T. Cruiser, Steel & Bennie Ashore on North Shore, Ardrossan during a gale on 08.01.58

From the fishing fleets of the East coast, through the industrial heartlands of the Clyde and on into the thriving seas around the Western Islands, generations of Scots have looked outwards to the ocean for their livelihoods and prosperity.  Lost on the Tide looks at how our seas shape our lives and culture, at the dangers faced by sailors around our coasts, and at some of the lifesaving equipment, ingenious inventions and brave men and women who risk their lives to make us safer at sea.’

 S.S. Ballyhalbert, Kellys of Belfast Ashore at North Shore, Ardrossan during a gale on 08.01.58