We offer a wide range of Curriculum for Excellence based workshops from Early Level to Senior Phase. Some of the Workshops are listed below and the Learning and Access Officer is available to discuss any requirements, and answer any questions you might have.

Our workshops may vary within each museum.


The History of Denny – Primary and Secondary

Visit us to learn all about the Denny shipyard and Dumbarton and learn about the inventors within this pioneering company

Transport – Primary and Secondary

Find out about the variety of ships built or completed at Denny, including Paddle Steamers, ferries, the tea-clipper SV Cutty Sark, warships and sailing yachts.

Titanic – Primary

Learn about the ‘Unsinkable Ship’. This workshop incorporates shipbuilding, boat building skills, machine tools, welding and riveting, Lifeboats and the RNLI.

Famous Scots – Primary

Find out about the impact of James Watt, The Denny Brothers and Robert Napier on Scotland and the world.

Inventions (Denny-Mumford Helicopter and the Denny Hovercraft)

This technology and science based workshop helps pupils discover about the inventions created by the Denny Brothers.

STEM – Forces and Energy

The Museum can provide various STEM based sessions.

Primary – Recognise different types of forces and describe their effects, buoyancy, floating and sinking.

Secondary – Friction, efficiency, aerodynamics, hydrodynamics, magnets, electricity and batteries. Pupils can take part in experiments to show forces in action, solve problems and think creatively. They can then test model boats in our small test tank.


Planning Your Visit

Pad and Pen for Teachers Notes

Please email [email protected] or telephone 01294 278283 for any enquiries and to book in advance.

      The Museum is open for public and educational visits from 10am to 4pm.
      School visits can select a morning or afternoon session.
      The maximum number of pupils is usually 33.
      Your visit will be staff-led for the whole session.
      Educators are welcome to visit us beforehand for a prep visit.
            An Education Pack is available on request.

Please click on the following links to download the Booking Form and Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment for Dumbarton – Schools
Group/School and Learning Groups Booking Form


Dumbarton is currently inaccessible for wheelchair users.


Visits cost £2.50 per child, which can be paid at the time of the visit, or invoiced. All charges are based on the number of children attending and there is no charge for the appropriate number of accompanying adults per group.

During Your Visit

Depending on the workshop booked, tours can include: the propeller workshop, tracer analyst’s office, records room, superintendent’s office, wax model making room, cutting room, exhibition room, experiment test tank and carriage and mini experiment tank.

We would politely ask if you could adhere to arrival times.
Your day will be led by the Museum staff for the duration of your visit.
Teachers are responsible for pupils and their behaviour.

How To Get There

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